To ensure that you will find the right product for your requirements even faster, we have newly developed a dedicated app especially for roller shutter drives. This app will calculate which drives of the MDF/MWF and KD series exactly meet the requirements you enter. It is ideal to calculate drive solutions in a quick and non-binding manner directly on site. Should you have any questions, it takes just one finger tap to establish a direct connection with an employee from Sales or Engineering.

To find out which drive is suitable for your requirements, you only need to determine the

  • winding shaft diameter
  • curtain weight
  • transmission ratio (only for KD)

and then the suitable drive solution will be indicated. This includes the drive type with specifications, the dimension between the centre lines of the base as well as the maximally possible shutter height. The parameters language, three-phase/AC, duty cycle as well as lamella thickness can be adjusted in advance and modified, if necessary.

The app is suitable for Apple and Android smartphones and can be downloaded free of charge from the Appstore or Google Play Store.