Safety catch device for roller shutters


Safety catch devices are used wherever the protection of persons and the prevention of accidents is a requirement in situations where the failure of a hoisting device could allow raised loads to fall. In the case of roller shutters, such a situation could arise if the gears of a tubular drive were to fail. In this event, safety catch devices catch the falling weights, such as roller shutters, and secure them mechanically, with absolute reliability.

In addition to door operators, controls and accessories, the manufacturer MFZ Antriebe GmbH based in Legden, Germany, also includes safety catch devices as a supplementary safety element in its varied product portfolio. The TSN 0 safety catch device is specially tailored to the requirements of roller shutter systems. Its compact design provides the perfect solution even where space is restricted, and allows seamless integration into the roller shutter system.  Since the TSN 0 works in both directions, it can be installed on the left or right side, as required. The integrated damping of the components ensures a low safety catch torque and a short dropping distance, and thus provides the highest possible level of safety. Since all MFZ safety catch devices have comprehensive corrosion protection and are both maintenance-free and wear-free, they also meet the most stringent demands with regard to durability. A long service life is guaranteed. MFZ devices include a safety switch as a standard feature. This locks the operator after the safety catch has been triggered and thus prevents any further damage to the system. Mounting brackets are available in various designs to provide the right solution for the available space. In addition, various shaft connectors are available for the TSN 0 safety catch device. Different sizes and shapes, all specially tailored to the requirements of roller shutter applications, offer the highest level of flexibility during project planning. The range extends from 13, 16 and 18 millimetre square connectors to 16 and 18 millimetre round connectors and 16.8 millimetre clover-leaf connectors.  Also, the TSN 0 can be reset after actuation, making it easy to service.  And its steel housing ensures maximum stability.  It goes without saying that test reports, valid throughout Europe, are available for the TSN 0.

Source: RTS-Magazin 5/13